Thursday, October 13, 2011

Photo Shoot Fresh

Beaucoup Team missing Iris (Left-Right) Tolu,Godfrey,Winston,Ebenezer, photo taken by
Mishelsky check her work out at

Winter Gear

Beaucoup Fall/Winter combo gear "tangerine orange" toque & virgin wool scarf
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"drop gold" tie

Tolu Beaucoup Artistic Director in is S/S Beaucoup "drop gold" tie purchase your today!!

Gold Ties on SALE!

Beaucoup S/S "drop gold" tie purchase now!! (sale inquiry contact

Fur Up!

Beaucoup fall/winter 11' fur scarf (top to bottom:Godfrey,Ebenezer,Tolu. 3/5 of beaucoup team)

Fur Scarf

Beaucoup fall/winter 11' Fur Scarf (sale inquiry contact