Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Street Style Inspired

Old school street style is making an appearance in fashion and in the Astrid Munoz Harper’s Bazzar Russia June 2010 editorial. "Totally loves it!"
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Mama Africa

Fashion x Worldcup.

Featured in ARISE issue #10

Fashion's Black Magic.

Asia Bugajska by Julia Pogodina in Black Magic, Zink
"I'll put a fashion spell on you!"

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Dust yourself off.

"That's alright, that's okay.. just dust yourself off and try again Monster mommy!"

Kids gone Wild.

The Smith family has something up their sleeves with their 'trendsetting kids'. If you ask me Willow Smith is going to grow up to be a fashion designer and Jaden will be just as great as his father if not better. Overall, the attire is jaw dropping, and thats a good thing. I wonder what 10 years from now has in store, so far so good.

Shoe Freaks

Collaboration: Iris Van Herpen and United Nude

"What more can a girl ask for?"

Dapper Dudes.

Today, I had a very hard time sleeping so ofcourse I decided to BLOG my life away. "What does it take to be a "Dapper"? I think I've come up with just that answer! Seeing that I'm the only girl in the Beaucoup playground amongst 4 guys I've always had mad respect for Dapper dudes, it takes a real man to dress well where ever the venue may be. That leads to confidence, to be confident in your attire makes you feel right and look good to everyone else. "There's something about that walk" If you have caught yourself saying that it's because of his confidence. But still just that doesn't cut it! The dude has to be put together and clean, put together in the sense that he knows how to color cordinate, he knows what looks good on him and knows his size. Clean is important, having the fresh look like you woke up extra early to iron your dress pants and to wash your white socks. A dapper dude does what ever it takes to look good. Knowing the latest trends and giving it a little twist to be original or always in those classic pieces defines the meaning as well. I've always admired dudes that aren't affraid to wear alot of color because if you can pull of a lot of color why should you have difficult with dull and neutral shades. But thats just my opinion! It is safe to say that my dudes are dapper and I love them for that. Let me know what it takes to be a dapper dude for you.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Disneyfied Designers

Donatella Versace - House of Versace

Dolce & Gabbana

Marc Jacobs

Karl Lagerfeld - House of Chanel

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Art and Photography.

Hanah Holman Tush Magazine spread is dope to another level
entitled "I am Golden" got them military jackets, golden jewelery
and the classic killer top-hat thats to die for.
TWO THUMBS UP. What do yall think?

Vivienne Westwood x Lee Jeans

Vivienne Westwood and Lee Anglomania collaboration.
The mixture of everyday jeans and Ms. Westwood's
cutting edge designs happen to go very well together.

"We definitely ain't complaining!"